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We always take your privacy and security matters seriously. Our website uses industry standard SSL encryption throughout. All areas of our business comply with UK Data Protection Act 1998 and EU GDPR 2018 legislation.

We do not participate in the disclosure or resale of customer data. No invasive tracking or targeted advertising happens on this website. We only engage in the collection of data essential to facilitate in providing products or services to you, in a safe and efficient manner.

Many images and file downloads on this website are hosted by Amazon S3. This company is EU-US Privacy Shield compliant. Typically only your IP address is transmitted, in order to complete the 'connection' and to download the files you require.

Like a lot of other websites, our website uses small tracking cookies and other services to enhance your browsing experience and to help you use our website. You can learn more about tracking cookies here. You are free to opt-in or opt-out of non essential tracking cookies using the buttons below; however you may encounter a downgrade in website functionality if you choose to opt-out.
You are currently opted-out. Only essential cookies will be created on your computer.
Essential tracking cookies are required for important tasks, such as the display of site content, preferred preferences and processing transactions. You cannot opt-out of these essential cookies and your use of this website assumes your acceptance to having these essential cookies set on your computer. Within your web browser software settings, you can freely control what cookies are stored on your computer and delete them at any time.

Any email communication you have with us will be treated in the utmost of confidentially. We will never forward-on correspondence without your prior permission. Neither will we share your details or add your details to other mailing lists without your prior consent. We will never ask you for personal or confidential details in emails, like credit card details. Support emails are usually retained for up-to 30 days; and can be deleted sooner upon request.

In the event that a data breach is suspected or occurs, we will take immediate access to mitigate risks (such as closing parts of the website down or reseting passwords). Either ourselves or a third party (like a payment vendor) will attempt to contact you to provide information and advice.

If you have any questions about how we safeguard your privacy or wish to formally submit a 'right to be forgotten' request, please get in touch via the contact page.

Privacy policy last audited and updated 1st April 2018

Purchasing and refund policy

The purchasing or download of products from this website constitutes agreement to the following terms...

You agree that you are purchasing a license to use said product, not outright ownership of the product; meaning that other people also have access and use of the same product. You promise not to make the product available for sale or distribution elsewhere, in a part or complete format. Products are only intended for use as they are advertised and demonstrated to function. Some products have dependency on third-party services (like content delivery networks, font foundries or social media platforms) which may choose to impose their own service availability constraints or terms and conditions.

Our order process is conducted by our online reseller is the Merchant of Record for all our orders. Paddle provides all customer service inquiries.

If you have technical questions within the scope of the product supplied to you, you may raise a support request through this website. An effort will be made to provide a response within a reasonable timeframe. We reserve the right to refuse response to support cases deemed outside of our support remit. We also reserve the right to permanently refuse support to persons sending derogatory, threatening or abusive messages.

Compatibility & suitability of products
It is solely the responsibility of a buyer to check for the compatibility and / or suitability of products before purchase. Details of compatibility are stated clearly on this website, free demo versions are available for evaluation and additional clarification is available by getting in contact. Stacks4Stacks cannot be held responsible for the mis-purchase of products which are either not compatible or fail to meet your expectations. All purchases are final, in accordance to the refund policy below.

All purchases are final. By clicking 'Add To Cart', you agree to the terms and conditions shown. You also agree that your purchase will be available immediately (by electronic means) and that you waive your statutory right of withdrawal. Products are provided digitally to you; and therefore once downloaded, opened or installed they cannot be permanently erased or returned. You buy products to use them, not to rent them. You have adequate opportunity to fully evaluate products before committing to a purchase, through use of the free demo versions provided to you. Requests for refunds will be refused.

Chargeback protection
Chargebacks or dispute filings will be treated as a breach of contract and fraud. Therefore we reserve the right to share details of criminal transactions with payment vendors, the police and courts. Blockage of customer accounts may be applied to prevent future transactions taking place. The decision may be taken to share details of criminal or fraudulent transactions with other companies or organisations; in an effort to protect themselves and other customers. This may have a direct effect on the eligibility to buy or obtain products and services in future.
Stacks4Stacks or sites represented by Stacks4Stacks, holds, recognises, or maintains all copyright and moral right claims to any and all images, likenesses, artwork, logos, names and icons contained on this site and its folders, subfolders, directories and databases, in their entirety, with clear exception given to those who hold rights and/or trademarks and/or product identification that may be advertised or reviewed or discussed on this site. Failure to observe these rights, can and will result in legal action to the greatest extent allowable by UK, EU and international law.

Use of, or reproduction of any of the rights protected materials without the express written consent of Stacks4Stacks or sites represented by Stacks4Stacks, or trademark owner, or appropriately appointed designate, is a strict violation of these rights.

No part of the content or files hosted on this website can be copied or made available elsewhere without prior permission.

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