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The updated ZipBar tabs stack

Simple to setup, beautiful to look at, highly customizable and robust. ZipBar is one of the leading tab stacks available on the market. Version 2 introduces a revised editing interface made for Stacks 3, incorporates several feature requests and merges various other refinements. A free update for all existing users too!
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The Payn theme for RapidWeaver

Payn brings your content front and center, with a unique combination of features to help engage your site visitor from the start. Best in class reliability and all the extras you've come to expect from a seyDesign theme.
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FileSafe Stack

Using the flexibility of Stacks and the power of FileSafe you can create file sharing pages and links that hide the location of your download files, force download (rather than opening in the browser) and can be tracked. An essential stack for your toolkit!
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Aptenon - Recently Updated - Now Fully Responsive

Aptenon, a fully responsive RapidWeaver theme, is designed to be simple, clean and out of the way. It offers flat, wide open design elements giving your content room to breath and room to be free. All of Apptenon's features have been carefully considered.
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seyDesign Super-Simple-Slider (SS3)

This new stack is a FREE download for all seyDesign and ThemeFlood theme users. Use the SS3 stack to effortlessly build and deploy simple slideshows in your webpages. You'll find this stack is fully responsive and compatible with all major web browsers. SS3 supports images, styled text, HTML, Markdown and simple stack types. Build sliders with SS3 for use in your webpages, headers, ExtraContent containers or FreeStyle banners.
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All NEW! Fully Responsive Sytten 2

Sytten is an open-feeling theme that leverages full widths and big vertical spaces to allow your ideas and creativity to flow freely. With practically no limitations set for logo size, a bold title and a vast space for beautiful vistas, Sytten presents your visitors with an above-the-fold experience like no other.
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Tell Us What You Think!

seyDesign is now owned by Will Woodgate, the same developer behind Stacks4Stacks and ThemeFlood. You can read more about the acquisition here. Many updates will be rolled-out for our themes and stacks over the next several months - which will be FREE for existing customers. Submit your feedback, feature requests and bug reports now via this web form or via the support page.
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RapidWeaver Themes

We make the coolest, most earth shattering, rock solid RapidWeaver themes in the business. They look awesome, work smart and are super stable.
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Stack Addons

We like to build things we can use, and that's our philosophy behind the Stack Add-ons we make. They're quick and easy to use, functional and flexible enough for everyday use.
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Code Snippets

Mmmmm... Snippets! Who doesn't love a hot, toasty snippet to get their RapidWeaver project running right? There's a snippet that's just right for every job.
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