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Glide 1.4


About Glide

Professional design made easy. Creating a website is like telling a story - one that gets shared day after day to each new visitor. With its clean, flexible design, and wealth of theme options, Glide lets you to tell the story you want, without getting in your way.

Modern & Mobile Ready

Glide has everything you'd expect from a professionally designed RapidWeaver theme - extensive color controls, various site widths to choose from, sidebar display options, font control, ExtraContent support, built-in lightbox and slideshow functionality, and much more.

More importantly, Glide comes with full iPad, iPhone, and Responsive layout support. This is critical for any modern website now, especially with the tremendous popularity and growth of mobile devices. More and more visitors to your website will be using an iPad, iPhone, or similar device, and Glide is ready for the challenge, serving up optimized versions of your website automatically.

Theme Resources

A free demo version of Glide can be downloaded here (see the user guide for details of restrictions applied to the demo).

A live test website published using Glide can be accessed here. Customers wishing to see how this test website was built (or to use it as the foundation for building their own websites) can download the original RapidWeaver project file using this link.

Feature Overview

Some of the key features that make Glide so good! As always, if you have any questions about the features or capabilities of Glide, please get in contact and we'll be happy to help.

CSS Embellishments

Simple CSS embellishments (like rounded corners and shadow effects) remove the need to use or edit lots of individual graphic files. Completed webpages are faster, more flexible and optimized for retina displays.

Font Style Settings

Customize font styling with ease from a theme level, for greater consistency over multiple pages. Use a choice of web safe and semi web safe font faces, font size and line height settings. Plus change the color of written content, headings, links and other elements with simple color pickers.

Built On Modern Standards

Glide is built with the latest technologies and newest standards. This means you get better browser compatibility, stronger security, excellent search engine optimization and improved website accessibility.

Multi Level Navigation

Support for multiple levels of page navigation links allow you to organize your website better. Put your most important content frontmost and improve the ability for website users to browse or find what they're looking for.

jQuery Powered

All core Javascript functionality in Glide is powered using jQuery. This ensures Glide will play nicely with lots of other RapidWeaver addons, which also use jQuery.

RWmultitool Ready

For RapidWeaver 6 users, the free or paid RWmultitool app makes it easy to safely edit the banner images supplied with Glide or replace them with your own.

Mobile & Tablet Responsive

Mobile is the future. Glide is fully responsive straight out of the box, and requires no additional configuration. This lets you build and deploy websites viewable across a wide range of screen sizes and device orientations.

Color & Style Groups

Glide includes the following groups of color and style settings. These style and color settings are intended to make customizing your new website even easier. You can access these customsizable settings from within the RapidWeaver Page Inspector or the 'Master Style' section in the RapidWeaver sidebar.

  • Layout Width
  • Layout Font Family
  • Layout Font Size
  • General Layout Colors
  • Top Header Background Graphic
  • Logo & Title/Slogan Alignment
  • Logo & Title/Slogan Container Height
  • Logo & Title/Slogan Background
  • Menu Navigation Type & Color Options
  • Main Menu Display Options
  • Main Menu Upper/Lower Case/Small caps
  • Top Breadcrumb Trail Display & Alignment
  • Header Image Selection
  • Header Image Height
  • Sub Menu Upper/Lower Case/Small Caps (below Header Image)
  • Sidebar Width Options
  • Sidebar Display Options
  • Sidebar Menu Advanced Options
  • Content Border Display Options
  • ExtraContent Display & Color Options
  • EC Area 2 Background Graphic (Header Image)
  • EC Area 2 Width
  • EC Area 3 Background Graphic (Header Image)
  • EC Area 3 Width
  • ExtraContent Section Divider (above EC Areas 5 & 6)
  • Advanced Site Options

As always you can choose to customize as many or as few settings as you want. Groups of style and color settings can be toggled close in the page inspector, to help keep your workspace tidier.

Don't believe the myth that themes with lots of color and style settings are slow! Glide is compatible with a feature in RapidWeaver called CSS Consolidation. This function pre-processes and generates personalized stylesheets. These stylesheets contain your specific style and color choices; therefore significantly reducing the amount of code getting exported or published.

Glide Updates

The current version of Glide available is version 1.4, which got released on 1st January 2014. Newer seyDesign themes show the version number next to the theme name; so you have a clearer indication of what version you currently have installed on your computer.

If you previously purchased Glide, you may want to update to the latest version. The good news is that updates for Glide are free for most users, irregardless of purchase date or version number. Here are ways you can update:

Add a Waterfall page type to your RapidWeaver project. Allow it to run for several minutes to scan your installed themes and to check for updates. You can optionally let Waterfall download and install theme updates that are found. Waterfall does not work for older themes.

Your Paddle Locker
Login to your secure Paddle Locker here. The latest version of Glide will be shown, if you purchased Glide using Paddle. Download and install the updated theme. The updated version of Glide will be installed alongside existing versions, so you can gradually migrate projects over.

Request a coupon code
Please get in contact via our support page and forward a piece of evidence that proves you purchased Glide. As an example, you can forward the original E-Junkie or Cartloom receipt. It must be a piece of correspondence that can show the name, email address and invoice number of the buyer. Screenshots of theme icons and website links are not considered adequate proof of purchase on their own.

Once we've verified yourself as a genuine Glide license holder, you'll be given a 100% coupon code to re-buy Glide again. When you use the coupon code at the checkout, the cost of Glide is reduced down to $0.00. You will be emailed a download link and Glide will also be added to your Paddle Locker.

What are the purpose of theme updates?

Updates are periodically released to introduce new features, to improve compatibility with other RapidWeaver addons or web browsers and to fix bugs. Commonly we'll also update internal frameworks or libraries within in themes at the same time; like Bootstrap, jQuery and Font Awesome Icons.

Our themes are continually evolving. Users have a significant influence over the future direction that themes take. Therefore we greatly appreciate any feedback, feature requests and bug reports submitted directly to us via the support page.

Getting Started

Here are some useful resources and pointers to help you use Glide and get the most from this theme.

The basic steps

This theme requires RapidWeaver, by Realmac Software. It will not function with other publishing platforms like Dreamweaver, Drupal or Wordpress. We strongly recommend that you use RapidWeaver 6 or later. Apply any updates that are available for RapidWeaver. You can purchase RapidWeaver directly from Realmac Software, and upgrade pricing is available if you already own an older version of RapidWeaver. Click here for more information.

If you are new to RapidWeaver or you have not used RapidWeaver for sometime, you should definitely download and read the free RapidWeaver 7 PDF user guide. This will teach you all the basics of using RapidWeaver and how to overcome common problems. Getting started videos are also available.

Another resource well-worth bookmarking is the ThemeFlood Knowledgebase. Although the ThemeFlood Knowledgebase is mostly intended for users of ThemeFlood RapidWeaver themes, there's some terrific content; much of which is applicable to seyDesign themes.

Experimenting, downloading and installing the theme

Before committing to a purchase of this theme, please download the free demo version and install it onto your computer. The demo version is fully functional, with the exception of page navigation links being disabled and a credit in the footer. Automatic updates are disabled too. Free demo versions are generously provided so that you can fully explore the full choice of options available in the theme and test compatibility with other addons you may be intending to use.

Themes are downloaded as simple, compressed .zip files to your designated downloads folder. If your computer does not already unpack the .zip file, double-click the file in Finder to uncompress it.

Installing the theme can be done by double-clicking the theme file icon or dragging and dropping the theme icon onto your RapidWeaver icon, in the dock. RapidWeaver will normally display a message to say if the theme was successfully installed.

If you've not done so already, start a new website in RapidWeaver. Add a page and then continue to build-out your website with additional pages. Open the themes panel and click on your newly installed theme to apply it to the project.

Web browser compatibility

You can expect webpages published using Glide to display correctly in all modern, mainstream web browsers. These include popular desktop browsers like IE10, IE11, Edge, and newer versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera. Compatibility is also offered with all recent versions of iOS and Android handheld devices too.

As always, the exact compatibility of completed webpages can be effected by other factors; like browser extensions an end user has installed, web server configurations and other code or addons that reside in the page.

We strongly recommend against doing web browser testing in online services / emulators. Most free browser rendering services are highly inaccurate as most seem incapable of honoring IE conditional commenting, Javascript and responsive behaviour. The only true test for IE compatibility is a proper machine (or virtual machine). In our own office here, we use the free Oracle VM VirtualBox software and free virtual machines downloaded from the Microsoft Developer website.

Optimal settings

In the RapidWeaver site setup, click the 'Advanced' button or tab. Make sure that CSS consolidation is enabled (checked). This is very important, because theme resources (like font icons and images) are pathed specifically to use consolidated files. Not enabling CSS consolidation would have the result of website assets missing and pages appearing broken. You will also find CSS consolidation improves website loading speed and web browser compatibility, when enabled. Always have CSS consolidation enabled.

If you intend to use theme features like breadcrumb trails, these can be enabled in the site settings too. We also recommend that cache-busting links, compression and tidied links are also enabled for optimal website performance. These features are exclusive to RapidWeaver 7 and above.

Theme style settings

seyDesign themes include numerous groups of style and color settings and Glide is no different. These let you change the basic appearance of a theme, without needing to edit any complicated code. Spend sometime to explore the choice of settings available. You might be surprised at how capable your theme is!

In the RapidWeaver sidebar, you can set a 'master style'. A master style is one set of chosen settings that can be applied to one or more pages. If at a later time you change the master style, then those changes will take effect on all website pages that are selected to use the master style. Master styles are a useful way to quickly apply the same style to multiple webpages in a project.

Sometimes you may need to break-away from using a master style. For example, you might have an individual page where you wish to remove or display a sidebar. In such instances, you'll need to open the RapidWeaver Page Inspector and click onto the Styles tab. Uncheck the 'uses master style' option. At this point, all the theme style and color settings will become unlocked for you to edit on that specific page.

If you've created one or more theme styles that you really like the appearance of (and want to quickly apply to other pages or projects), you can also save these as 'saved style sets'. To do so, click the cog button in the styles inspector. Follow the onscreen prompts for naming and saving the style set. It will be available for you to reuse from the styles pull-down menu.


You may notice that all our themes contain 'ExtraContent Containers'. As the name implies, this is quite simply a method of getting content into other parts of the page that are not normally editable in RapidWeaver. Some themes have a 'Preview ExtraContent Containers' theme setting (this is normally the very-last theme style option) to highlight the name and location of ExtraContent containers in your chosen theme. From here, you can use the simple HTML code snippet to target ExtraContent containers with your content. Or choose to use any number of addon stacks that support ExtraContent.

Header images

Glide was formally designed and developed by Jonathan Head of Nimblehost, who used a selection of free stock photography images for the header images, sourced from If you wish to continue using these images, please open the RapidWeaver themes drawer, right-click on the Glide preview icon and select View Contents from the menu. In the theme contents, you will find a credits.txt file that attributes the name of the photographer and provides the link / license information.

If you wish to replace any of the stock images with your own, repeat the above steps. But instead of opening the credits.txt file, open the images > editable_images folder in the theme contents. Within this directory, you can replace the sequently named / numbered images (e.g. header1.jpg or image1.jpg) with your own. Select the image for use in the theme style settings. We recommend you only make edits to a theme that has been duplicated and renamed, to prevent future updates undoing your changes.

If you're using RapidWeaver 6, you can use RWMultiTool to access and edit theme header images. Again we recommend you only make edits using RWMultiTool to a theme that has been duplicated and renamed, to prevent future updates undoing your changes.

The other option for customizing theme header images is through use of custom CSS code. Typically you can use some code similar to this, for setting a header image:

.header-image {
    background: url(;

Replace with the address to your image file or an image added as a resource. Custom CSS code can be entered into the Custom CSS box, within the Page Inspector.

Theme modifications

All of our RapidWeaver themes are opensource and contain code in both compressed and the original non-compressed, human-readable format. So it certainly is feasible to duplicate / rename a theme from within RapidWeaver and make any number of possible modifications to it. Most themes comprise of HTML, CSS, jQuery Javascript and graphics. In some instances, we've left the Espresso project files in the themes, to make file management and code editing even easier.

Unfortunately theme modifications, for as unique as each request can be, is a terribly time consuming task. Therefore it is not a service that we are able to offer you for free. If you require a theme modification, we can be hired to perform the consultation, coding and retesting required. A choice of fixed and hourly rates are available. Turnaround is normally quite quick. So please get in contact with us to chat about your requirements.

Getting in contact

If you have any further questions (which are not covered in existing resources like RapidWeaver 7 PDF user guide, the ThemeFlood Knowledgebase or the RapidWeaver forums) please get in contact via the seyDesign Support page. We aim to answer most questions daily, between Monday to Friday. To ensure your message can be dealt with in the fastest and friendliest manner, please remember to include any essential details; like the name / version number of the theme being used and a reply email address. Technical questions normally need to be accompanied with a link to your test page or a link to download your RapidWeaver project file in .zip format from a service like Dropbox.

Thanks! Please check the following:
System requirements
This theme requires RapidWeaver. It will not work with other platforms (like Wordpress). We recommend you aim towards installing the latest version of RapidWeaver that your computer is capable of running (preferably RapidWeaver 6 or greater).

License agreement
You may use this purchased theme an unlimited number of times in personal or commercial projects, request technical support and receive free updates in future.

This theme can be installed or synced onto all computers that you own. You are permitted to make archival backup copies of the theme.

You may not resell or make this theme available for download, remove copyright credits or license information.

The software is provided "as is" without any implied or expressed warranty of merchantability or fitness for purpose. In no event shall the authors or copyright holders be liable for any claim, damages or other liability, whether in an action of contract, tort or otherwise arising from, out of or in connection with the software or the use or other dealings in the software.

Refund policy
By purchasing this theme, you agree that your purchase will be available immediately via digital download and that you waive your statutory right of withdrawal.

All purchases are final and refunds will not be provided (we physically cannot un-download or remove themes from your computer).

You are reminded to make use of the free demo versions already provided on the website, to fully evaluate themes for compatibility and suitability before purchase.

Customer support
If you have questions that relate specifically to this theme, you should make contact via the support page. We aim to answer all messages within 12 hours, Monday to Friday.

If you require a faster response at weekends or during public holidays, please post your question(s) to the RapidWeaver forums, where a support volunteer may be able to assist you quicker.
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