Getting free updates

Now under new ownership, our policy of updates and update pricing is changing at seyDesign.

Previously customers had to buy updates for addons they were using; if they wanted to have access to the latest versions. We want to promote stronger loyalty from existing customers and simplify the process for all. So we will no longer be charging for theme or stack updates.

This policy applies to all themes and stacks currently listed on this website - it doesn't apply to addons which were previously discontinued and which may become available again at a later time - as these will typically require a lot of time and effort to re-release again.

Additionally please note that we do not use E-Junkie or Cartloom on this website any more. So typically any old download links you have will not work. It is best to request new links. Please follow these instructions for getting your updates:

Step 1: Do you qualify for free updates?
Most people do. You just have to get in contact via email and attach your original purchase receipt or invoice. Will is able to handle all update requests, including those that relate to Tom Bristol stacks - like FileSafe, PrivateEyes and TimeRelease. Basically provide some form of correspondence that proves you purchased the addon(s) from seyDesign or Nimblehost. It can be a CartLoom receipt or a copy or your PayPal receipt. The better the evidence, the quicker we can respond!

Step 2: Re-buy the addon using the coupon code emailed to you
This one-use code can be used to re-buy the addon again. When you use the coupon code, the cost the the addon is reduced to zero. So you can use these coupons to get the addon updates you need for free. It's very simple:-
1) Navigate to the page of the theme or stack you want to update. Click the 'Buy Now' button. Read and agree to the terms and conditions. Check to agree to the terms and click the green 'Checkout' button.
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2) Enter your email address. if you do not already have a Paddle account, enter a new password (this is used if you need to do an order-lookup at a later time).
Stacks Image 61
3) Select your country from the dropdown option menu and enter your Zip or Post Code.
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4) BEFORE you click 'Pay by Card' or 'PayPal', please click on the 'Use a Coupon' button. This is a very important step!
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5) Carefully enter your coupon code in the box. Click the green 'Add Coupon' button to verify it.
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6) Confirm that the order total has been reduced to zero. Click the green 'Complete Checkout' button.
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Step 3: Download the addons
Once you've gone through the checkout process, you will be emailed a download link for the addon. The addon will also get added to your secure Paddle Locker, so it will be available to download in future. It does not matter if your email address has changed since you originally purchase the addon - you can provide a new email address to use.

Step 4: Getting your updates in future
Once you've re-ordered your updated addons, the latest versions will always be available when you login to your secure Paddle Locker. Stacks should update automatically from within RapidWeaver and your themes can either be manually updated from Paddle or you can use the Waterfall plugin from Nimblehost.

Other notes
Please only checkout using the coupon code provided to you. If you don't use the coupon code you will get charged the full amount and we can't provide refunds if this happens! We recommend the you use your coupon codes as soon as possible. Unused coupon codes are likely to be deleted from the system after 48 hours and we can't normally provide new codes until an admin fee is paid.

Should you have any questions about the update process, please ask.
All prices shown include any applicable VAT
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Webpage Updated: 30/12/2017