What's happening with seyDesign?

seyDesign was originally started by Adam Merrified in mid-November 2005 and more recently was acquired by Jonathan Head of Nimblehost in 2013. During summer 2016, ownership of seyDesign changed again, with Will Woodgate acquiring the ownership / rights of seyDesign and most of the RapidWeaver addons provided. Will already operates the hugely successful ThemeFlood and Stacks4Stacks websites, so he'll be bringing a wealth of expertise and excellent customer support to seyDesign.

The seyDesign brand and website will continue to operate as a separate business, to Will's other RapidWeaver addon websites. Tom Bristol will also be continuing to develop and sell his excellent PrivateEyes, TimeRelease and FileSafe stacks through the seyDesign website.

In recent weeks, the seyDesign website has already been totally rebuilt in RapidWeaver 7. The checkout system has also been switched over to Paddle and EU customers are now getting charged the correct amount of VAT. Further content, banners, blog content and demo's will be added to the website throughout the coming months.

So please keep returning to see what's changed! Something is being updated or changed almost every day.


The website RWExtras.com has also been acquired. This is going to be maintained as a small side-project; with emphasis on easy-to-use, low-cost stack elements for complete novice RapidWeaver users. Some of the previously developed stacks will be updated during September and October 2016. A couple of new stack elements will also get added to the collection too.

Theme product images show extra navigation units and other elements. Why can't I see these in the downloaded theme?

When seyDesign was acquired, many of the themes were in desperate need of updates; to the extent that they would cause RapidWeaver 7 to crash on export or conflicted with other addons like Stacks. After contracts were signed, our #1 priority has been to urgently rework and update many of the seyDesign themes. Sometimes this meant removing certain elements that were too much time to rebuild or were not mobile-responsive compatible.

It's not our intention to mislead and we have made a concise effort to provide reliable information and let you download free demo versions (which demonstrate exactly what the current theme will do). We will be continuing to update themes (all updates are free) and some features are likely to be reintroduced again if they're requested. The content and live previews on the seyDesign website are also being regularly reviewed.

Where can I report bugs or post feature requests and other feedback?

Simply post your feedback here:

Details submitted here are merged into our internal bug tracking system. Everything sent to us is considered and you may be surprised at how quick our turnaround will be for adding new features to addons!

But I'm still seeing Nimblehost branding on the seyDesign website!

Much the same as the takeover of a truck, bus, train or airline company, it's impossible to change the livery of everything overnight! It's going to take considerable time to rebrand all the addons as 'seyDesign'. Chances are that the 'Nimblehost' name will forevermore crop-up in a few places, like at the start of video's. But you can browse the seyDesign website safe in the knowledge that everything you see is actively developed and supported by seyDesign.

What theme updates are available?

Straight away, we have started to roll-out updates for all seyDesign themes. These include Alltr, Aptenon, Av8or, Creamy, Copper, EHVolver, Flavourite, Havnit, Kleer, Nuvem, Payn, SNo3, and Sytten. If you require a theme update, please get in contact with details of what you want and proof of purchase attached to your message. We've also published details here of how to update addons, from start to finish.

The Nimblehost plugins

Jonathan Head is keeping the Nimblehost website and will be continuing to maintain the excellent Armadillo CMS and Waterfall plugins for RapidWeaver. Jonathan has exciting updates planned for both products. The Nimblehost branded themes and stacks are being evicted from Nimblehost and are joining us here on seyDesign! We are handling the provision of support and updates of all Nimblehost themes and stacks going forward.

Mobilize plugin

Mobilize is no longer available as a plugin for RapidWeaver. Plugins inherently are far more complex to develop for RapidWeaver and typically most people prefer the flexibility of working with Stacks. So the decision has bene made in September 2016 to cease development and support of the Mobilize plugin, with immediate effect.

We are instead developing Mobilize as a new stack element.You can read more about Mobilize on this webpage, from where the stack can also be purchased. The stack version has introduced a new 'tablet' breakpoint, which several users had requested and a brand new user interface to make the addon more visually enhanced. You can still use the stack to generate PHP redirect code for use on non-Stack page types.

RapidSearch and RapidSearch Pro

Both of these stacks have been reunited together and are now sold on the new RapidSearchPro website. RapidSearch has recently been updated to fix some CSS box-layout issues when it was used in Bootstrap or Foundation based themes. The documentation for RapidSearch Pro was updated recently. The plugin versions are discontinued and we now just provide and support the stack versions.

Getting the updates

No doubt there will be many people wanting to know how to get hold of these most recent theme and stack updates. Inevitably automatic updates are going to be broken for several weeks and you might have to manually update addons for the time being - until we get the backend systems in place and working reliably.

So our blanket policy is for customers of all purchases to get in contact and provide a copy of your receipt, for the addons you want updates for. You'll then be given a 100% coupon code that lets you re-buy the addons again, and add them to your secure Paddle Locker. Anyone who has purchased RapidWeaver 7 should already have a Paddle account, because Realmac Software use Paddle for their web store. So this will simplify the process further - and let you store everything together in one place. Your Paddle account will always hold the latest versions of addons available, so you can login and re-download any updates you see advertised.

Getting support

For seyDesign themes and stacks you should simply continue to make use the of support page on this website. Additionally for previous Nimblehost themes and stacks (excluding Armadillo) please simply raise a support request through this website. The old email address 'support@nimblehost.com' is no longer being used; and therefore you are not guaranteed a reply if you continue to use it. All of our latest content details are presented clearly on the support page for you to use.

Keep track of developments

A lot has happened already and much more is going to happen throughout the summer and into the fall. This is a really exciting time for seyDesign / Nimblehost customers! Please follow seyDesign on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for the latest news. Let us know what you think of the changes and continue to give us feedback. Periodically we're going to be posting some exclusive freebies and discount codes out through those different social networking channels too.
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