Getting help

We've purposefully engineered seyDesign RapidWeaver addons to remain as simple as possible for you to use. And we provide plenty of documentation on the product pages. But we recognise the fact that you may occasionally have questions, comments or other feedback.

Themes and most stacks offered through seyDesign are supported by Will Woodgate, who can can contacted by email here.

The PrivateEyes, TimeRelease and FileSafe stacks are developed and supported by Tom Bristol, who can be contacted at this email address.

For non-urgent matters, you can also contact us via Twitter, Facebook or Google+

seyDesign also maintains its own Google Group, which acts as a chat room for all topics relating to seyDesign products. Membership is required, but is free.

We aim to answer most enquiries daily, Monday to Friday.

Important! The contact details presented above are the newest and supersede all others. Older email addresses like '' and '' are no longer being used for the addons distributed through the seyDesign website. You are unlikely to get a response if you continue to use these old addresses. Likewise links and reply addresses on your order receipt are for contacting Paddle with billing enquiries only, and cannot be used for requesting technical support.

Please also remember that seyDesign has recently been takenover and therefore we are still within a transitional / familiarization period. We will always endeavour to try our best to answer your questions and get information to you.
Your co-operation and patience is appreciated.

A little about seyDesign

seyDesign was established in November 2015 by Adam Merrifield, under the seyDoggy brand. seyDesign was one of the first pioneering RapidWeaver addon stores to arise and helped ignite the whole concept of third party developers making and selling addons for RapidWeaver. Indeed, seyDesign can be credited for some of the most influential developments like ExtraContent, which we still take for granted today in a huge number of addons. Undeniably seyDesign has built a strong reputation of quality addons which anybody (of any experience) can pickup and use.

Thousands of people depend on seyDesign themes and stacks in their websites. We estimate that over one million webpages have been published using seyDesign themes. This has been calculated on the number of seyDesign themes sold since 2005; together with the average number and size of websites people tend to build in RapidWeaver.

When Adam left the RapidWeaver scene, seyDesign was taken over by Jonathan Head of Nimblehost. The process was begun to update many of the addons, to make them mobile responsive. Addons from a couple of other leading theme and stack developers were also merged into the seyDesign project, including stacks from Tom Bristol.

On 1st July 2016, Will Woodgate took over seyDesign from Jonathan Head. seyDesign will continue to operate as a separate business; alongside Will's existing ThemeFlood and Stacks4Stacks projects. Since the most recent acquisition, Will has already totally overhauled the seyDesign website, rolled-out a new secure checkout system, and continued to work on updating many of the seyDesign addons. Nimblehost branded themes and stacks have been merged into seyDesign.
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