Getting help

For enquiries relating specifically to the FileSafe, PrivateEyes or TimeRelease addons, please email Tom Bristol.

The RapidWeaver Forums are a good place to ask questions. Membership to this forum is totally free. It only takes a few minutes to signup (if you are not a member already) and you get email notifications sent to you when someone replies. Numerous active collaborators are available to help every day from all over the world, so you are assured of getting a fast response.

If your question relates to a technical matter, remember to include sufficient details - like the name / version number of the addon being used, a detailed description of the problem and the link to your test page and / or a clear screenshot.

Should you require my personal attention, simply tag your post @willwood on the forums and I'll get a notification to my phone. You can also private-message me there too. Or email me direct.
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