Seamless redirection of mobile, tablet and desktop devices

Yeah - we should all be building fully responsive websites by now - a single website that is seamlessly compatible across the board with all desktop and mobile web browsers.

However the reality is that this simply isn't always feasible to do for a variety of valid reasons. Sometimes a need arises whereby we have to differentiate between mobile, tablet and desktop visitors; and provide all with separate websites to view. It might be because there's an incompatibility in a webpage that we have no control over, or that we simply want to give mobile and tablet users a better experience - or cater better for their specific needs.

The Mobilize stack is a simple method to ascertain whether a person landing on a webpage is using one of three devices; a mobile, a tablet or a desktop web browser. You can then create links to redirect those users to alternative webpages or entire websites.

Mobilize uses server-side PHP code to securely detect and reliably redirect web browsers. Because it operates server-side, there's no problems caused by 'flashing' content, wasted bandwidth or issues if Javascript is disabled etc. We firmly believe that Mobilize is still by-far the smoothest and most reliable redirect addons available for RapidWeaver.

Mobilize was originally created by Nimblehost as a page type plugin for RapidWeaver; in the early days when the iPhone and iPod Touch had first hit the market. This was long before the idea of responsive or adaptive web design came in existence. Because most people are now using the Stacks plugin for RapidWeaver, we've rebuilt Mobilize as a new stack element. However there is still a 'Generate Mobilize Code' option in the stack, which will let you generate a code snippet for use on almost any RapidWeaver page type.


Follow these instructions for setting up Mobilize on a single webpage, like your homepage:

  1. Change the page extension to .php in the RapidWeaver Page Inspector
  2. Drag and drop a copy of Mobilize from your Stacks library into the page
  3. In the stack settings, choose whether to configure Mobilize for use on a mobile, tablet or desktop webpage
  4. Use the mobile, tablet or desktop options to create your redirects to different webpages or websites
  5. Provide the full, absolute URL (e.g. to the webpages you want to redirect users to
  6. Export your project to MAMP or publish to a live website to ensure Mobilize is working as expected

Tip: If you want to reuse the same Mobilize stack over all pages of your website (and you're using Stacks 3 for all pages of your website) you can setup Mobilize as a 'partial'.

Follow these instructions for setting up Mobilize on a non-Stacks page: Please note that the stacks plugin is still required for the initial setup. You can download a free demo version here.

  1. Follow the above instructions (steps 1 - 5) for adding a Mobilize stack to a Stacks pages and configuring it accordingly
  2. In the stack settings, click on the Generate Mobilize Code option
  3. Preview your webpage in RapidWeaver. You will see a box containing some custom PHP code. Copy the code to your clipboard
  4. Paste the code into the Settings > Code > Prefix box, in RapidWeaver.
  5. Go to and download the Mobile_Detect.php file. Uplaod this to a location on your web server
  6. Update line #2 in the generated Mobilize code to point to the Mobile_Detect.php file you've just uploaded

When setting up your redirect links, take particular care to avoid users getting stuck in a redirect loop! For example, don't redirect mobile users from a desktop website to a mobile website, and then have a Mobilize stack on the mobile website that sends them straight back to the desktop website. In such situations, it is quite probable the web server will throw an 'error 500' message or the web browser will display an error about there being too many redirects happing.


An example test website has been published here. It contains three webpages - mobile, tablet and desktop. Depending on what web browser or device you view the website from, you will only be able to access one or the three pages listed. More information is displayed on the demo site homepage.

How do I setup separate mobile or tablet versions of my website?

Borrowing from other websites like Google and Facebook, these websites have created subdomains like You'll notice the letter 'm' before the domain name, which denotes that this is the mobile version of the website. Popular news websites have done the same. So with this in mind, you need to login to your web hosting control panel (like CPanel) and setup a new subdomain for your website. Into this subdomain you can then publish the mobile and / or tablet versions or your website.

Why do we have very broad detection of devices and not lists of individual devices like iPhone, Kindle, Firefox OS?

Simply because there are so many thousands of mobile and tablet devices on the market that all go by different names. Quite often the hardware and software these devices use is shared out over multiple screen sizes and types. A prime example of this problem is Firefox OS - which comes in multiple flavours and is often seen on smartphones, tablets, netbooks and even smart TVs. So to assume Firefox OS was only for smartphones would be wrong.

In Mobilize, we use powerful algorithms to detect mobile, tablet and desktop browsers reliably, based on several factors. We do not simply classify a device on a single factor like user agent, OS, or screen size. Several factors are taken into account, before a browser is placed into the mobile, tablet or desktop category.

Of course there always will be instances where a browser cannot be detected for one or more reasons. A user might have jail-broken, un-rooted or hacked their device to change important settings. It might even be a totally new device that is unrecognised in all the current tests. In such instances, the user would just see the desktop version of the website, as a fail-safe.

Thanks! Please check the following:
System requirements
This stack requires RapidWeaver and the YourHead Stacks plugin. It will not work with other platforms (like Wordpress). We recommend you aim towards installing the latest version of RapidWeaver that your computer is capable of running (preferably RapidWeaver 6 or greater) and Stacks 3 or later.

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