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For many, their introduction to ExtraContent came through the use of these snippets. Though the ExtraContent Stacks seems to be the preferred method these days, these snippets cannot be discounted as they are still the cleanest, fastest way to get ExtraContent into the right place on your site.

Visit the ExtraContent website for more information or download the snippets here.


To install "ExtraContent Snippets", double click each .rwsnippet or drag and drop each file onto your RapidWeaver icon, in the dock.


CSS Snippet
To ensure that your layout is styled correctly, paste the contents of this snippet into any custom CSS box, within RapidWeaver. The CSS will take care of the rest.

The CSS, by default, will support up to 5 columns and combinations therein. With a bit of math and CSS knowhow you can extend this indefinitely. Please don't ask us how, it's better for everyone if you learn a bit of CSS and tackle that task on your own. It shouldn't be hard to figure out though, going on the existing example as a guide.

HTML Snippets
There are several HTML snippet examples each with differing layouts, ranging from 1 to 5 columns. Drag one that suits your needs anywhere in your content and replace the lorem ipsum text with your own. If you are pasting this snippet into a styled text area of RapidWeaver and not a plain text or HTML type field, you will need to select the code from start to finish, then go to Format > Ignore Formatting.

By default, the snippet is set to post its contents to ExtraContent area 1. To change this, simply change the numeric value following the text myExtraContent from 1 to the value that corresponds to the desired ExtraContent area.
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