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Copyright and Moral Right Protection

seyDesign or sites represented by seyDesign, holds, recognizes, or maintains all copyright and moral right claims to any and all images, likenesses, artwork, logos, names and icons contained on this site and its folders, subfolders, directories and databases, in their entirety, with clear exception given to those who hold rights and/or trademarks and/or product identification that may be advertised or reviewed or discussed on this site. Failure to observe these rights, can and will result in legal action to the greatest extent allowable by U.S., Canadian and international law.

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RapidWeaver® Theme Usage

RapidWeaver® themes purchased from the seyDesign site are designed for use with the RapidWeaver® platform. Any usage beyond a themes intended use in RapidWeaver® may be construed as unlawful.

Themes purchased from the seyDesign site may not be redistributed in their original format or any other theme or template format. You may use a theme to develop a web site for profit, provided all credits within the code remain intact, even if said theme has been modified. The extent of modification which nullifies seyDesign's right to credit will vary, but in short, no original graphics may remain and the overall layout and file structure (including the list of properties) must vary sufficiently to demonstrate evidence of applied intellectual process.

RapidWeaver® is a registered trademark of Realmac Software.