Frequently asked questions

Welcome to the FAQ page. There are a lot of questions and answers here and it may take a bit to find what you are after, so please refer to the sidebar for helpful searching tips.

  1. Can I download my theme/stack again?
  2. CartLoom says "File Name Not Found"
  3. CartLoom says "No Orders Found"
  4. How do I install my theme / stack / snippet?
  5. Is there a manual?
  6. How do I get support?
  7. Why haven't you responded to my email?
  8. Are bug fixes and updates free?
  9. How do I get my updates?
  10. How do I install updates?
  11. How do I check which version I'm using?
  12. Smart / HTML5 themes break in RapidWeaver®.
  13. Do your themes / stacks work in Internet Explorer?
  14. Why are round corners square in Internet Explorer?
  15. What is ExtraContent?

    ExtraContent icon

    ExtraContent is a feature that, when enabled in a theme, will allow users to add additional content to pre determined areas in a themes layout. This additional content would typically render outside of where RapidWeaver® would normally allow a themes content to go.

    ExtraContent is not a built in feature native to RapidWeaver®. It is JavaScript built into certain themes, installed by that themes developer. ExtraContent is not in all themes, so you must check to see that your theme has ExtraContent enabled before trying to use ExtraContent in your next project.

    ExtraContent came about when a handful of 3rd party RapidWeaver® theme developers got together to address the need for more content spaces in RapidWeaver®. While the content area and sidebar are ample space for the vast majority of RapidWeaver® users, there are some who want more flexibility to add content in ways keeping with todays modern web designs.

    ExtraContent was the solution agreed upon by these developers as an easy means of end users adding more content to their site, in developer designated areas of ExtraContent enabled themes.

    ExtraContent areas may be found in banner areas, above the main content and sidebar area, above the footer and so on. While these areas will vary from theme to theme, the process will be very much the same. These developers worked closely to come up with a solution that would give all users a common experience.

    For more about ExtraContent and how to use it, please visit the official ExtraContent site.

    Where do I get ExtraContent snippets and stacks?

    The ExtraContent Stack and snippet can be found the ExtraContent site.

    How do I use ExtraContent?

    We cover the basics in our manual but there is also a great learning resource for ExtraContent usage at the ExtraContent site.

  16. What is SS3?
  17. How do I modify my theme?
  18. Can you help me modify my theme?
  19. Where are the headers / banners used in the showcase site?
  20. How do I change my custom header / banner?
  21. How do I add more headers / banners?
  22. How do I make a sub page?
  23. How do I enable sidebar navigation?
  24. How do I use the Show Recent Posts snippet?
  25. Can I try before I buy? / Can I download a demo?
  26. The demo doesn't let me use the options!
  27. What theme does this site use?
  28. Can you suggest a theme?
  29. Do you have any discounts?
  30. I missed the sale, can I still get the discount?
  31. How do I install theme styles?
  32. How do I use/find theme styles?
  33. I lost my theme styles when I copied my theme!
  34. Net Render/Browser Shots shows Internet Explorer doesn't render right?
  35. How do I remove the extra characters/words/dots in my browser title?
  36. Who is CartLoom?
  37. What is RapidWeaver®?
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