Frequently asked questions

Welcome to the FAQ page. There are a lot of questions and answers here and it may take a bit to find what you are after, so please refer to the sidebar for helpful searching tips.

  1. Can I download my theme/stack again?
  2. CartLoom says "File Name Not Found"
  3. CartLoom says "No Orders Found"
  4. How do I install my theme / stack / snippet?
  5. Is there a manual?
  6. How do I get support?
  7. Why haven't you responded to my email?
  8. Are bug fixes and updates free?
  9. How do I get my updates?
  10. How do I install updates?
  11. How do I check which version I'm using?
  12. Smart / HTML5 themes break in RapidWeaver®.
  13. Do your themes / stacks work in Internet Explorer?

    The short answer is yes. The long answer is as follows...

    Our official browser support policy is that we support the proper functioning and approximated rendering on all current model browsers. This means that we support the latest, most current version of each browser by each of the major browser manufacturers. This includes Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari.

    Modern themes that utilize HTML5 and CSS 3 technologies, such as our RapidWeaver® themes, are programmed to degrade gracefully in browsers less capable then those that are more current. Advanced HTML5 and CSS 3 features that cannot be interpreted by a browser are ignored while still allowing the site to render more or less the same. One example is CSS 3 rounded corners — any Internet Explorer version less then IE 9 will render the corners as square but otherwise treat the site as it should.

    Most — if not all of our themes — will likely work on versions of each browser older then the most up-to-date version but it will not be our policy to maintain this legacy compatibility and may be subject to change without notice. Cases where this may be most applicable will concern Internet Explorer.

    Older themes that were made to support older versions of Internet Explorer, namely Internet Explorer 6 (IE 6) and/or Internet Explorer 7 (IE 7), are not likely to lose such support, however, Code generated for those browsers may be subject to data degradation as code libraries and methods contained in the theme grow less relevant over the life and upgrade path of the theme.

  14. Why are round corners square in Internet Explorer?
  15. What is ExtraContent?
  16. What is SS3?
  17. How do I modify my theme?
  18. Can you help me modify my theme?
  19. Where are the headers / banners used in the showcase site?
  20. How do I change my custom header / banner?
  21. How do I add more headers / banners?
  22. How do I make a sub page?
  23. How do I enable sidebar navigation?
  24. How do I use the Show Recent Posts snippet?
  25. Can I try before I buy? / Can I download a demo?
  26. The demo doesn't let me use the options!
  27. What theme does this site use?
  28. Can you suggest a theme?
  29. Do you have any discounts?
  30. I missed the sale, can I still get the discount?
  31. How do I install theme styles?
  32. How do I use/find theme styles?
  33. I lost my theme styles when I copied my theme!
  34. Net Render/Browser Shots shows Internet Explorer doesn't render right?
  35. How do I remove the extra characters/words/dots in my browser title?
  36. Who is CartLoom?
  37. What is RapidWeaver®?
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