Our Company

Who We Are

seyDesign is a RapidWeaver® theme and stack distribution outfit managed by Jonathan Head of NimbleHost. seyDesign is known as a premier RapidWeaver® addon developer and distributor, trusted the world over.

seyDesign was launched in mid-November of 2005 and has long since been considered an innovator and originator in RapidWeaver® theme and stack development.

What We Do

seyDesign develops themes and stacks for the RapidWeaver® web authoring platform, giving hobbyists and companies alike the tools to create professional, eye catching websites. Using expertly created graphics, the latest technologies, valid code and collaborative creativity, we keep an eye on the the trends and bring what's best to our customers.

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Our Team

Jonathan Head

Jonathan Head

Lead Developer

Jonathan hails from the great city of Raleigh, NC, though you'll also occasionally find him traveling to Japan with his beautiful wife. He loves to read, watch movies, work out, and has been often called a "table tennis crazy man".

Tom Bristol

Tom Bristol

Stack Developer

function tom($life) {
    $tom = is_array('wife','kids','chickens');
    $tom[] = 'lots of coding and lots of macs';
    return $tomsLife;

RapidWeaver® is a registered trademark of Realmac Software.