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tre3rty 2 (RapidWeaver) $29.95 USD   

Like the clean lines of a fine automobile, tre3rty 2 promises to thrill you with every curve and detail. tre3rty 2 is a delightful, responsive RapidWeaver theme, full of powerful features, finesse and a designers touch.

tre3rty 2 utilizes such open-source technologies as jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, Font Awesome, rFrame, SS3, SmartNav, SmartLayout, Social Links and ExtraContent. Built on a solid and proven framework, tre3rty 2 is sure to deliver solid performance and exceed expectations.

General Overview

Fully Responsive

Looks great on all devices, big or small. Preview what your site will look like with our built-in Device Simulator.

Textures and Gradients

Transparent background textures, plus a well chosen color selection, give your tre3rty 2 site a warm professional look.

3-Tier Menus With Drop-Downs

Whether your site architecture requires 3-tier, 2-tier, all vertical or no navigation at all, tre3rty 2 can do it all... above or below the header.

SS3 Slideshow

With SS3 you can build a tre3rty 2 slide show from just about anything — internal and external images, snippet and stacks content— and even add links to each slide.

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