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Kleer (RapidWeaver) $29.95 USD   

Kleer is a RapidWeaver® theme that is quick to navigate, with visually defined and easy to read content. From the header to main content, from each ExtraContent area to the footer, each of these spaces clearly makes its own impression at a mere glance.

With clean lightbox effects on the photo and movie albums to clearly defined blog posts to well organized file sharing pages, we've made each pages style look concise. In short, every part of this theme is clear... or Kleer!

General Overview

The Power of SS3 Inside

With SS3 you can build a Kleer slide show from just about anything — internal and external images, snippet and stacks content— and even add links to each slide.

Loads of Transparent Background Textures

Transparent background textures, plus a well chosen color selection, give your Kleer site a warm professional look.

3-tier, 2-tier, Vertical or Hidden...

Whether your site architecture requires 3-tier, 2-tier, all vertical or no navigation at all, Kleer can do it all at the click of a button.

3 ExtraContent Areas, Maximum Flexibility

One theme, so many layout possibilities. Kleer has 3 areas, each with a distinct position, look and feel.

Corners, Navigation, Layout... It's All Smart

The flexibility in our themes is unparalleled for one simple reason — smart layouts. Every part of Kleer's layout adapts to what you put into it.

Lightbox Albums, Auto-magically

Don't worry about conflicts or turning the lightbox effect on or off. If a photo or movie album page is detected, Kleer will turn it on for you.

RapidWeaver® is a registered trademark of Realmac Software.