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Masonry (Premium) $10 USD

Masonry, inspired by Pinterest, is a dynamic grid image gallery that changes to fit any screen width. With an optional light box effect, Masonry makes the perfect, flexible gallery that grows with your portfolio.

Masonry is a two part stack that is easy to use. Drop in a "frame" and fill it with "bricks". Masonry allows you rearrange your images, add a description, adjust drop shadows, corners, colors and more.

Click [here] to view the full demo site in it's own window or tab.

Masonry RapidWeaver Stacks


  1. Drop a Masonry Frame stack onto your Stacks page.
  2. Drop one or more Masonry Bricks inside the Masonry Frame.
  3. Drop an image into the image drop zone of each brick (it will be automatically scaled down for you).
  4. For optional lightbox of images:
    • From the brick settings, select "Drop" and drop the same image into the resulting drop zone.
    • From the brick settings, select "Warehouse" and set a link to an externally hosted image.
  5. Add an image description (also used as the lightbox title).
  6. Adjust the global settings (Masonry Frame settings panel) as required.
  7. Enjoy.

Screen Shot

Masonry screen shotClick to Enlarge

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